ESTsoft provides A.I. services that resolve issues of everyday life.

The Era of
Humanoid Robots?
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is leading changes in
the world, based on A.I. technologies.

Many leading global companies are preparing for a new world, focusing on A.I. technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, smart factories, and humanoid robots, which will change life in the future.

Such services have only just begun, and are showing a lot of potential. However, it will take time before we actually feel the changes in our daily lives.

Even though it may take more time to make humanoid robots based on A.I., A.I. technologies applied to real-life issues are already proving to be effective.

A.I. technologies applied to financial institutions increase profits, and such technologies introduced into plants improve productivity and save energy.
In addition, A.I. combined with medical technologies increase the accuracy of diagnosis.

Not only does A.I. strengthen business competitiveness by establishing industrial and corporate infrastructure, but also it is applied to your daily life for your convenience.

A.I. has been already applied to a variety of fields, such as popular search engines, camera applications, and personal assistant applications you use everyday. It enhances and upgrades the quality of your life.

ESTsoft’s A.I. PLUS

ESTsoft pursues practical A.I. technologies and services
which can be applied immediately to your daily life.

We understand new technologies well and apply them to various fields.

Our A.I. technologies applied to security make the Internet environment safer by finding unknown malware.
In addition, A.I. technologies applied to finance help stabilize profits.
You can search for products easily on an AI-based shopping platform and try on clothes on a new virtual platform.
In addition, smart chatbots that can recognize human intention and cameras
that recognize the sky will provide new experiences.

ESTsoft’s A.I. technologies will be applied to more fields and increase efficiency.

your life
with A.I.
ESTsoft Makes the World a More Convenient and Safer Place

Service is what ESTsoft is best at.
ESTsoft is a software development company that has been providing a variety of services, such as ALTools, which have been used by over 30 million people, and ALYac, known as one of the most popular antivirus programs.

We have been striving to enhance the quality of life through interesting, convenient, and safe software innovation. In addition, we have achieved recognition for our technology and expertise from numerous users for a long time. With the motto “More Convenient Software,” we have been developing our expertise in IT services.

Since we established a new vision “AI-based Premium Service Provider” in 2016, we have been focusing on yielding results in R&D. Now we make your life better based on AI-based innovative convenience rather than simple convenience.


Making world more PLUS
ESTsoft providing the best intelligent utilizing A.I.