A.I. Consulting + A.I.

Utilize A.I. technologies to improve the future value of your company.
A.I. consulting strengthens corporate infrastructure and competitiveness
by upgrading business to a higher level that couldn’t be reached before.

ESTsoft conducts R&D in four fields: Vision, Language, Security, and Trends.
Based on the results of this research, we strengthen corporate competitiveness
and provide practical and useful A.I. consulting.

  • Vision

    We implement vision in A.I. so that it can automatically recognize the world which could previously only be recognized by people. In addition, we implement augmented reality so that people can view the world in new ways.

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  • Language

    A.I. analyzes accumulated text data and recognizes its meaning automatically. In addition, it removes inefficiencies from tasks by recommending suitable data in the right place.

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  • Security

    Threat Inside greatly increases the detection rate of previously undetectable malware variants. In addition, it can uncover the type of malware with an extremely high degree of accuracy.

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  • Trend

    We predict trends using A.I. We help you respond to changing trends immediately by analyzing the correlations between the psychology of the public and data, instead of simply predicting numbers.

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