A Very Different Hedge Fund

Financial companies have been launching a variety of AI-based services such as robo-advisors and chatbots.
In the banking industry, one of the most remarkable fields applied with A.I. is asset management.
It is difficult for even outstanding fund managers to maintain high rates of return for several consecutive years.

Investors sometimes cannot make a right decision due to greed and fear.

ESTsoft’s Exponential studies trading algorithms using deep learning.
Our algorithms efficiently analyze numerous complicated variables affecting
the financial market and predict investments stably.

Multi-Algorithm Platform

Establishes a platform that integrates and manages (offset order, performance analysis, and risk monitoring)
multiple algorithms in a fund; Seeks profits by minimizing risk through multi-algorithm investments;
Sets up multi-algorithm strategies by developing, verifying, and selecting algorithms;
Changes the investment proportions of algorithms depending on the results of a competition
between numerous algorithms

Multi-Algorithm Platform 소개

The Coexistence of Human and
Artificial Intelligence

We analyze complex data of the financial market and find new rules using A.I. technologies.
Based on portfolio managers’ experiences and insight, we predict the future and drive profits.
A.I. and financial experts try to lead new changes in the financial market.

A.I. Powered
Develops AI-based investment algorithms with a high degree of accuracy
Analyzes the financial market using big data and deep learning
Investment Professional
Analyzes the fundamental elements that lead global markets and economy
Optimizes investment decision making processes and portfolios Proactive risk management
Technology Driven
Establishes a platform for IT-based algorithm investments; Systematic research processes using quantitative techniques