Read the Thoughts, ZUM

We read and consider your thoughts.

Zum internet provides ZUM.COM, visited by 8.6 million users every month, Swing Browser,
which has exceeded 20 million accumulated downloads, and other various services.
Zum internet has a new slogan, “Read the Thoughts, ZUM.” This slogan implies Zum internet’s customer convenience,
service technology, and service values and shows its intention to grow and change with the world.

ZUM.COM, visited by 8.6 million users each month, is an open portal site based on its own search engine and big data technology. The goal of ZUM.COM is to become a convenient portal site where people can obtain necessary information fast and easily. It strives to provide a smart portal site service, considering your purpose of use, patterns of use, and web environment.
  • Search ZUM

    Based on its search engine and technology that reads the thoughts of customers, Search ZUM provides a convenient service so that users can easily search for necessary information and obtain fair search results.

  • News ZUM

    It’s not just a huge amount of news articles. News ZUM carefully selects what customers need and provides an accurate and legible news service.

  • Hub ZUM

    Hub ZUM provides a variety of contents written by select writers to upgrade your lifestyle and everyday life. See a wide range of interests and issues.

  • Shopping ZUM

    Shopping ZUM’s curated shopping information service provides essential information in a brief time so that you don’t miss out on the latest trends.

  • Swing Browser Speed up your life

    Swing Browser, known as one of Korea’s top five browsers, surpassed 20 million accumulated downloads three years after its launch. You can enjoy high web surfing speeds and an optimized internet environment. It supports both PC and mobile devices and you can use the same functions regardless of the type of device. It provides various convenient functions such as mouse action, quick sending, scheduled web surfing, and capture.

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  • egloos Blog service, egloos

    Egloos, with about 45 million accumulated posts, is Korea’s first-generation blog service. You can meet various bloggers with different interests and tastes.

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