ESTsecurity Makes World More Secure

Leading the endpoint security industry, ESTsecurity has achieved recognition for its performance and quality in the S.Korea’s cybersecurity industry. The company provides services for numerous government agencies, educational institutions, and corporate customers as well as 13 million individual users. ESTsecurity was separated as an independent company from ESTsoft with the goal of becoming the best intelligence security company.

  • ALYac Security upgrade for everyone

    Equipped with virus and malware engines, ALYac detects and removes viruses, malware, and potentially dangerous programs. Its real-time monitoring feature keeps your PC safe by preventing viruses and malware that install automatically, regardless of your intention while you surf the web or when an unauthorized program is installed.

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  • Dr.Capsule A Smart Dose for Android Security

    Dr.Capsule is the antivirus and total protection app for Android smartphones, which has the largest number of actual users in S.Korea. Its advanced virus scanning feature detects and removes various types of malware and harmful applications. In addition, Dr.Capsule solves storage problems by eliminating unnecessary cache and log files and optimizing the smartphone’s memory condition. With Dr.Capsule, everyone can enjoy a safe and convenient smartphone experience.

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  • RansomShield PC RansomShield PC completely blocks ransomware

    RansomShield PC protects data from ransomware and various types of malware by encrypting and backing up the local data of your PC and recovering encrypted data.

Threat Inside

Deep Learning-based CTI service

Threat Inside is CTI(Cyber Threat Intelligence) service providing ‘Deep Insight’,
the intelligence report providing precise and practical threat intelligence and response guide
realized based on advanced deep learning algorithm.
Deep Core engine uses the latest malware samples collected from ALYac antivirus sensors,
to classify and identify any new/variant types of malware with very high accuracy.

Threat Inside, we know cyber threats inside and out.

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  • SecureDisk The next-generation standard of document security

    SecureDisk is solution for enterprise document centralization that prevents internal data leaks by prohibiting data from being saved to personal computers, and saves and manages all data in the central file server.

  • InternetDisk Cloud storage for safe sharing and collaboration

    InternetDisk is a new conceptual integrated server management solution that provides a variety of web storage features such as systematic information management, large data storage and transmission, confidential data security, data protection from viruses, and backup. You can use all these functions in internet-based virtual disk space without physical storage devices such as USBs or CDs.

  • ASM The center of integrated corporate security management

    ASM (ALYac Security Manager) is an integrated central management solution that allows administrators to perform integrated security management and asset management and apply security policies to corporate PCs with ALYac products.