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ESTsoft provides TeamUP, an integrated corporate communication platform used by over 30,000 people,
and ALTools, widely loved since 1999 as one of Korea’s most representative utility programs.
The number of corporate customers using TeamUP exceeded 12,000 just 10 months after its launch.
TeamUP is achieving remarkable results in the corporate market.
ALTools consists of ALSee, ALSong, and ALZip, known as one of Korea’s representative compression utilities, among others.
It achieved recognition for product stability and quality by obtaining GS (Good Software) Grade 1 in 2016.

ALTools Necessity for your PC

ALTools is an essential application program that helps you use your PC and mobile devices
easier and more conveniently.

PICNIC The Weather Genie Photo Editor

PICNIC is ESTsoft’s first camera application that specializes in outdoor photo shoots.
It is applied with Vision Technology, one of ESTsoft’s new AI-based businesses. PICNIC recognizes the sky segment in a photo automatically and applies a variety of effects. You can easily apply various filters in any situation through the “Edit mode” and “Real time shooting mode”.

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TeamUP Communication is Everything

TeamUP is an integrated communication service for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides all features required for cooperation, such as messenger, group feeds, and organization charts.

윈도우,안드로이드,Mac OS,ios
ALZip Mobile Reliable file compression

ALZip Mobile is a file browser that provides local file management features such as compression, deletion, copy, move, renaming, etc. You can manage general files as well as compressed files using ALZip.

알집 안드로이드 다운로드
ALSong Mobile Enjoy music and lyrics at the same time

ALSong Mobile is a smartphone music player that displays synced lyrics in real time. Using 3G or Wi-Fi, its automatic synced lyrics saving feature saves synced lyrics which have been displayed once. You can see the saved synced lyrics without the internet. In addition, you can share the information of the song you are listening to with others through Twitter using its Twitter sharing feature.

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