Innovate Eyewear Shopping Experience.

Creating a new way of
eyewear shopping.

ROUNZ is 'a shopping mall for eyewear on your phone' that enables you to experience thousands of styles of eyeglass frames anytime, anywhere, and easily order the products you want, by offering the world's best face alignment technology and innovative mobile virtual fitting created by experts in the fields of glasses, graphics, and programs.

ROUNZ mobile app, a service created by the best AI experts in Korea with deep learning technology, is improving limitations of existing eyewear shopping and enhancing customer convenience.

In addition, ROUNZ has partnered with more than 200 opticians nationwide to create a healthy virtuous cycle with offline opticians, establishing an omnichannel that connects online and offline in the optician market, leading the way for shared growth with affiliated opticians.

* We are looking for business partners overseas.

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    Try on 3,000+ glasses and sunglasses with ROUNZ AI Virtual Fitting, and choose the products that best suit you!

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