Make World More Secure.

Leading the Next Generation of
Endpoint Security

ESTsecurity is making the world secure with AI by protecting more than 16 million domestic users, including governments, educational institutions, businesses and individuals, based on more than 10 years of anti-virus programming technology development and operating know-how.

Especially, 'Threat Inside', a malware threat response solution based on ESTSecurity's original AI technology and EST Security Response Center(ESRC) composed of top-level malware experts, provides the most advanced and powerful security program together.

ESTsecurity will lead the next-generation security market based on innovative endpoint security technology and expertise.

Endpoint & Intelligence Security

  • Threat Inside Malware threat response solution

    Threat Inside is a deep learning-based malware threat
    response solution that can respond most effectively
    to advanced cyber threats.

  • ASM The core of corporate integrated security management

    ASM (ALYac Security Manager) is an integrated
    central management solution for business desktops
    with ALYac software.

  • ALYac EDR The most advanced endpoint threat response solution

    ALYac EDR, which started from ESTsecurity's anti-virus
    expertise, implements the combination of threat intelligence
    and EDR, an essential element of next generation security.

  • RansomShield PC Security against ransomware

    Encrypt and backup key documents on your PC!
    Immediate recovery in case of ransomware.


PC and mobile security

  • ALYac A National security upgrade

    ALYac is equipped with virus & malware engines for
    diagnosis and treat/removement of viruses,
    malware, and program risk management.

  • Dr.Capsule Mobile Green Life

    Dr.Capsule is a mobile application which provides integrated
    management for your phone, based on the anti-virus
    technology of 'ALYac', No. 1 free anti-virus software in Korea.

Data Security

  • SecureDisk Solution for document centralization.

    A next-generation security solution for documents
    that prevents leakage/loss of internal data and provide
    integrated management through document centralization.

  • InternetDisk Cloud storage for secure collaboration

    Access, save, share, collaborate on, and secure documents
    conveniently! It is a built-in private cloud solution that
    provides a safe and smooth working environment.


Threat Inside

The Most Reliable and Advanced Malware
Threat Response Solution

Threat Inside provides the most reliable and high-level response to malware threats
based on ESTsecurity's endpoint security expertise and AI deep learning technology.
It provides multi-dimensional analysis, type identification/classification,
and effective response guides for malware solutions.

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