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20 Years of Expertise
to Make Our Daily Lives
Become More Convenient.

ALTools, including ALZip, ALSee, and ALPDF, has been steadily loved by about 30 million users for more than 20 years and has established itself as a leading software program in Korea.

Based on accumulated software technology know-how, ESTsoft is taking the lead in enabling smart-work for companies by providing "TeamUp," a customized collaboration solution essential to the digital work environment.

TeamUp uses AI chatbots and AI payments to increase corporate productivity, and is currently being used by about 20,000 leading companies and 1.5 million people in Korea, including Nonghyup, Catholic University St. Mary's Hospital, and Hanmi Pharmaceutical.


  • ALZip File compression program

    Optimized for all PC environments, it helps to share
    easily and quickly with high speed and various functions

  • ALSee Image viewer / photo editing program

    Convenient photo viewer, easy to edit!
    Simple steps in making videos and albums!

  • ALPDF Integrated PDF solution

    From editing PDF documents to converting them into
    various document formats! Increase work efficiency
    through free document work.

  • ALCapture Easy and quick screen capture tool

    Take a screenshot of anything you need while surfing the
    web or writing documents. Capture whatever you see on the
    monitor screen at the moment you want!

  • ALSong Enjoy music and lyrics at the same time

    Music player that provides real-time sync
    lyrics and language functions

  • ALDrive Convenient file transfer tool

    FTP access and various protocol file support makes it easy
    and convenient to access and work on the server
    in one step.

  • ALZip Mobile Trustworthy file compression tool

    Manage your local files with functions such as
    deletion, copy, movement, name change,
    and file compression.

  • ALSong Mobile Enjoy music and lyrics at the same time

    Mobile music player providing real-time sync lyrics.


  • PICNIC Photo filter for dark sky, travel apps

    Picnic is a camera app specialized for outdoor shooting
    and is the first camera app introduced by ESTsoft.

  • TeamUP Designed by TeamUP

    TeamUP is a collaboration tool, customized from design to
    construction according to the characteristics of each
    company from the customer's point of view.


Designing collaboration tools, TeamUp

TeamUP provides custom-solutions for smart-work collaboration
regarding the industrial characteristics of each company.
Design the best collaborative tool and experience
efficient communication for your company.

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