AI PLUS Finance, A New Change.

Leading innovation in investment
platforms, based on accumulated
financial data and AI technology

By researching and developing deep learning-based training algorithms, we are leading stable investments by efficiently analyzing numerous variables and complex relationships that affect the financial market.

In addition, by launching 'Vanilla', a mobile stock trading platform that anyone can easily start, we are leading investment innovation in asset management processes and simple stock social trading services.

  • ZUM Internet

    ZUM Internet is striving to provide convenient and innovative services based on AI and big-data technology
    by expanding its scope into the techfin business beyond, the third-largest search portal in Korea.
    In particular, 'Vanilla', the easiest stock trading platform available, and 'Exponential', which trains and
    analyzes investment variables on their own through deep-learning, have been reorganized into
    affiliates to focus on the techfin business.

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  • Project Vanilla

    Project Vanilla provides financial services that anyone can easily use.
    'Vanilla' is a mobile stock trading platform that anyone who wants to trade stocks can use as if it is like shopping.

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  • Exponential Investements

    Exponential Investments studies trading algorithms using deep learning.
    Our algorithm can efficiently analyze complex relationships with numerous variables
    that affect financial markets, leading to stable investment.

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  • Vanilla Vanilla, a customized stock trading platform just for you.

    Stock trading, too difficult? Vanilla has your back.

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