Reimagining your everyday life with Virtual Human

Leading Innovation
in Content Production

ESTsoft's Virtual Human has proven its cutting-edge technology from AI Clones that duplicate real people as they are, to AI Persona whose faces do not exist in the real world based on advanced AI deep learning know-how. It is receiving favorable reviews not only in Korea but also on a global scale.

In cooperation with YTN, we are taking the lead in changing the media content production environment by launching AI anchors and instructors. ESTsoft is also focusing on developing AI Persona technology that will lead changes in the upcoming metaverse era.

AI Clone

Technology application examples on cloning existing people through deep learning
(AI anchors, AI instructors, AI weathercasters, AI trainers, etc.)

AI Clones Changing the Content Production Environment

  • Reasonable cost

    Studios, broadcasting equipment,
    and large manpower are
    unnecessary to produce
    content of equal quality.

  • Convenience

    Creates video content with just
    an input of text in an environment
    connected to the Internet

  • Promptness

    Advantageous in producing
    content that needs promptness,
    such as disasters or breaking

  • Mass Production

    Consistently produces a large
    amount of content based on
    convenience and speed

Perfect AI Clones that You've Never Experienced Before

ESTsoft's AI technology creates the best output with minimal input.

Q. What is the estimated time required to develop other AI clones?
A. About 5 daysData inspection and preprocessing (2 days)
AI model training (2 days), tuning and examination (1 day)
Q. What is the required amount of data for the development process?
A. Train through 5-hour long datathat has been pre-processed and refined
Q. How much time does it require to create a news/lecture clip?
A. Takes the same amount of time as the original video clips.News/lecture clips are created after 20 seconds when entering a 20-second-long text