VISION 2025By combining innovative SW technology and accumulated service know-how,
we are taking a new step towards becoming the best service company
based on artificial intelligence technology.

1st generationGlobal SW Company

We provide convenience, pleasure and safety based on
SW technology and know-how recognized by 30 million users.

2ND GENERATIONThe Best Service Company Based on AI

AI combined with real-world problems is already proving its amazing effectiveness.
ESTsoft is developing ready-to-run AI technology by focusing on certain fields.

VISION 2025 Pragmatic application drives technological innovation
  • ROUNZPractical AI service you
    can use right now

    Trying to make our daily lives a more convenient, safer world,
    is the pragmatic AI that ESTsoft is creating.

  • TeamUPPractical AI service you
    can use right now

    Trying to make our daily lives a more convenient, safer world,
    is the pragmatic AI that ESTsoft is creating.

  • ALYac MAim for pragmatism
    with AI PLUS

    Making our lives prosperous with AI PLUS is the
    direction ESTsoft pursues.



ESTsoft operates an AI research institute, 'A.I.PLUS Lab'.
A.I. Plus Lab focuses on the development of advanced core AI with deep-learning experts, and applys it to various ESTsoft services such as digital human, virtual fitting services, techfin, and security to provide value to our daily lives.

A.I. PLUS Lab is proving its technology every year through major AI competitions in Korea, and in particular, it won the "AI Grand Challenge" Ministerial Award hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT in 2020 and topped the "AI Online Competition."

ESTsoft will continue to grow into a leading technology innovation company in the AI ecosystem through continuous R&D investment.

A.I. PLUS LAB - Key Performances
2021 Won the 'Information and Communication Agency Award' from the 2021 AI Online Competition.
Conducting 3 follow-up studies for the competition
2020 Presented thesis papers on two of the world's top three machine learning societies (ICML, ICLR)
Won 1st place in 2 categories of '2020 AI Online Competition'
Won 5th place in all tracks of '2020 Artificial Intelligence Grand Challenge'
Conducted more than six follow-up research projects according to the previous competitions
Participated in data dam construction and AI voucher support projects along with subsidiaries such as ZUM Internet and ESTsecurity, secured orders for government projects worth a total of 10 billion won
Awarded the Ministerial Award of the Ministry of Science and ICT in the '2020 AI Grand Challenge'

AI Technology

ESTsoft is focusing on four business areas: Virtual Human, Techfin, Commerce, and Security
based on distinctive AI technology, creating a new AI PLUS experience
by creating technological innovations in each field.

  • ESTsoft's virtual human service is provided based on accumulated AI vision technology, voice synthesizing technology, and deep learning technology.
    Experience high-quality virtual human solutions based on outstanding technology and know-hows.

    Virtual Human
  • We lead investment platform innovation based on accumulated financial data and AI technology.
    We provide convenient financial services from deep learning-based multi-algorithm distributed investment.

    Techfin AI
  • ESTsoft's AI Vision and AR technology provide lifelike virtual fitting e-commerce.
    Try on thousands of glasses and get recommendations for products that fit your face online.
    Innovate eyewear shopping experience, ROUNZ

    Commerce AI
  • Through Threat Inside, the detection rate of malware variants that could not be detected with
    existing signatures has been dramatically improved, allowing us to determine what kind of malware with very high accuracy.

    Security AI

Dream of a valuable daily life
with AI as a PLUS

AI PLUS hopes that AI experts gather to take a new first step toward the future
and become a place of sharing high-quality AI technology.