ESTsoft, Make Your Life Easier with AI

Making our lives prosperous
with the development of AI technology
that can be applied to our daily lives
right now, is the direction
ESTsoft pursues.

The pragmatic artificial intelligence we provide is not of a future that takes a long time to use as a service or product. It is AI PLUS, that can enhance convenience in work and life by adding AI technology to our daily lives.

Trying to make our daily lives a more convenient, safer world is the pragmatic artificial intelligence that ESTsoft is creating.

ESTsoft will create a safer and more convenient world with advanced AI.

Company Foundation Date
1993. 10. 02
KRW 5.58 billion
No. of Employees

ESTsoft is primarily working on VIRTUAL HUMAN, COMMERCE,
TECHFIN, SECURITY, and GAME based on differentiated AI technology.
We are designing an AI PLUS experience by creating innovation in each field.

Core Values

  • Do what we are good at. We each know what we're good at.
    We feel rewarded by doing what we're good at.
  • Do the right thing. If the fast road is not the right one, we won't go. We choose the right path to keep the line.
  • Do not get familiar with familiarity. Be wary of inertia.
    We accept new things and enjoy the challenge of learning and developing.
  • Do easy things efficiently,
    and difficult things effectively.
    We do easy works easily & swiftly, and difficult works effectively by finding the best way.



  • AddressBanpo-daero 3, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06711, Korea
  • TEL02. 583. 4620
  • FAX02. 583. 4628


  • Address300, Cheomdan-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do 63309, Republic of Korea
  • TEL070. 8850. 8406
  • FAX064. 702. 8009
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