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Who We Are...

ESTsoft, founded in 1993, has been striving to enhance the quality of life
through interesting, convenient, and safe software innovation.

Based on our long-term accumulation of expertise, we have been providing
software programs that innovatively enhance efficiency as well as convenience,
as well as exciting online and mobile game services.

We have achieved recognition for our performance and quality in the domestic
software industry and are now providing services for 25 million individual users,
government agencies, educational institutions, and corporate customers.
We will expand our business aggressively and globally in order to enhance
the quality of life of people all over the world.

Date of foundation
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I am Sangwon Chung,
the CEO of ESTsoft.

Since joining ESTsoft in 1999, I have experienced huge social changes, such as
the golden age of the Internet in 2000 and the mobile era in 2010, with the company.
Through such experiences, ESTsoft has become one of Korea’s representative software companies
and I also have grown with the company by managing various tasks.
In 2016, I was appointed as the CEO of ESTsoft to lead the company.

As an engineer, I have learned how to be thorough in my work and how to be decisive
in business planning. I have also learned through service marketing
how to communicate with customers.
While experiencing many successes and failures in business activities that
include development, planning, and marketing, I have learned one particular thing.
I have realized that we should follow the “basics” and “principles”
to maintain our achievements.

Now ESTsoft is standing at the starting line to take a new leap forward.
We will always keep the “basics” and “principles” in our mind when conducting
business activities. We will develop new markets by combining our accumulated
expertise in service and innovative software technology and become a role model
in society where both employees and customers are happy.
Your continuous support and interest of ESTsoft will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.


Graduated from the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Seoul National University
/ Graduated from the Graduate School of Business at Hanyang University
Former Director of ESTsoft ALTools / Former Vice President of ZUM Internet Corp.
Current CEO of ESTsoft Corp.

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