Your Life
with A.I.

We have been striving to enhance the quality of life
through interesting, convenient, and safe software innovation.
In addition, we have achieved recognition for our technology and expertise
from numerous users for a long time


Deep Learning A New, Powerful Tool

Things which used to be considered impossible in the past are
now being realized through deep learning.
Deep learning has been producing remarkable results in
all industries, including the service industry.

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Pragmatism A.I. of Everyday Life

ESTsoft pursues practical A.I. technologies which can be applied
immediately to your daily life for your convenience. We are
trying to make the world a more convenient and safer place
by applying A.I. technologies to our daily lives rather than
waiting for the distant future.

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A.I.PLUS : Add A.I.

Make Your Life Easier with AI
ESTsoft will enhance the efficiency of all industrial fields
requiring A.I. by applying its A.I. technologies.

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”Service” is what
ESTsoft excels in.

By innovating our services, we will provide upgraded services
for your convenience.

ESTsoft is a software development company that has been providing
a variety of services, such as ALTools, which have been used by over
30 million people, and ALYac, known as one of the most popular
antivirus programs. Now we add A.I. to our services in order to provide
services needed by the world.


ESTsoft improves
efficiency in all industries.

We will create a new future based on our competitiveness.

We will provide an A.I. based competitive foundation for all industries.
We will enhance the efficiency of all industrial fields requiring A.I.
by applying our A.I. Technologies.