AI Powered, Technology Driven Investment Approach

Exponential Investment's
AI Deep Learning-Based Model

ESTsoft uses AI deep learning to research and develop trading algorithms.
In particular, it efficiently analyzes the correlation of numerous variables in the financial market and derives algorithms that promptly detect market changes to flexibly cope with market conditions and lead to stable investment.

Financial AI Platform, DEUS EX MACHINA

Exponential Investment's financial AI platform is another transactional innovation.
It consists of a self-developed AI algorithm and a framework that verifies it,
allowing various strategies to be automatically applied to financial transactions.

Financial AI Algorithm Development Project, DEUS

A financial AI model R&D project that develops various AI algorithms and adopts proven strategies
to automatically make transactions or use them as signals

Algorithm Classification Explanation
Real-Time Analysis Signal detection based on real-time tick data and minute-by-minute data such as
Orderbook and quote/conclusion data
Stock Portfolio Optimization Trains past stock price patterns to predict future stock price movements or judge
buying/selling opportunities
Situation Awaring Asset Distribution Trains multiple market indicators to allocate assets based on past events similar
to current market conditions
Statistical Arbitrage Intervene when a price discrepancy occurs due to a more precise option-pricing model
and in the event of temporary price discrepancies in highly correlated pairs occurs
Unstructured Data-Based Investment By training the relationship between news, corporate disclosures, and stock prices,
discovers signals and selects stocks with high uptrend
Supply & Demand Analysis Predicts the volatility of supply/demand and price based on the trading
trends of investors/trading agents

Financial AI Framework Development Project, MACHINA

AI framework development project for verifying various financial artificial intelligence algorithms

  • Supports Cycles for
    Fast Strategy Development

    Easily links structured/unstructured historical,
    simulation, and real-time data in the same way

    Supports backtesting, simulation, and mock/real
    transactions through one strategy implementation

  • Strategic Operation &
    Evaluation Process Control

    Controls data and model training accessible at
    each point of backtesting

    Standardizes the verification process through
    backtesting, simulation, and mock/real transactions,
    and reports standardized evaluation indicators

    Monitors risk assessment results and manage risks
    such as portfolio quotas

  • Container-Based
    Workflow Management

    Performs data collection, model training,
    backtesting, mock/real transactions, etc., and
    manages/monitors the process, according to pre-
    determined schedules or dependence relationships
    in the deep learning clusters

Financial AI Platform, DEUS EX MACHINA

The financial AI algorithm (DEUS), developed with its R&D, is merged with the verification framework (MACHINA) to form a financial AI platform.
This conducts artificial intelligence-based financial transactions through a series of processes.