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2D Face Analysis to 3D Face

Shaping a 3D face by analyzing a 2D face Estimates the facial location and direction in 3D from the user's 2D video to provide the most natural and vivid virtual eyewear fitting.

Estimation Process of Facial Location & Direction's
3D Information from a 2D Video

  • Face Detection

    Detects faces quickly and accurately
    regardless of angle or brightness.

  • Face Landmark Detection

    Detects facial landmarks and accurately captures
    the hidden locations even if it's not a front face
    or wearing facial accessories.

  • 3D Information Retrieval

    Precise virtual fitting is realized by converting
    the direction and size of the face into 3D information
    so that the height, length, and angle of the glasses legs
    can be delicately adjusted.

2D Image To 3D Rendering
Virtual Fitting Asset

3D Rendering Virtual Fitting Assetization from 2D Eyewear Images The best 3D glasses rendering you can experience in a mobile environment is created with elaborate 3D virtual fitting data just by filming glasses with a regular camera. This provides an efficient AR commerce process.

Specialists' Expertise for the Best 3D Rendering Results

  • Graphic Experts

    Not only the shape of the 3D product but also the reflection degree, angle, gloss, shadow, frame material, and the surface of the lens are expressed naturally.

  • Ophthalmic Laboratory Technicians

    Eyeglass experts with many years of experience carefully observe and classify the characteristics of each product in size, weight, and style.

  • Software & AI Developers

    It uses deep learning technology to realize accurate virtual fitting and product recommendations. In addition, 3D videos can be operated efficiently in a mobile environment.

3D Eyewear Rendering Production Cost

  • 3D Specialists

    High cost, High capacityProduct shooting in a 3D studio with dozens of cameras.
    3D graphics experts complete modeling of glasses through complex processes.


    Low Cost, Low CapacityFilming cost + Asset production cost
    Able to create an asset capable of 3D rendering of a small capacity of
    50 KB to 100 KB per unit by extracting information on glasses from 2D photos.
    ROUNZ is the only place where you can make it with low cost and low capacity.

Accurate Analysis of
Face Shapes and Precise
Eyewear Recommendations

ROUNZ eyewear recommendation through facial analysis was created by combining face shapes based on 3D face alignment and glasses modeling technology.

Provides an Optimal Matching Logic
Using Face and Glasses Standards

  • Face Shape Analysis

    With ROUNZ 3D Face Alignment technology, four facial elements related to wearing glasses are extracted by measuring the information value of the frontal face.

    Sets an average value for each element based on the collection of 10,000 images of Korean men and women in their 20s to 40s, and generates grades and codes for each element.

    81 generated codes are classified into 8 facial types.

  • Modeling Glasses

    40 types of glasses and 49 types of sunglasses are categorized based on the 3D asset data of glasses made with ROUNZ 3D remodeling technology

    All ROUNZ products are sorted into at least one type accordingly.

The World's Best Commercial Virtual Fitting Technology Solution

ESTsoft's optimized virtual fitting commercialization solution for eyewear uses its own AI technology
to provide easy and natural results that differ from other virtual fitting technologies.

Existing Virtual Fitting Technology ESTsoft's AI Virtual Fitting Technology
Results Fitting results looking awkward as if 2D glasses were
photoshopped onto the face.
Virtual fitting available for each face angle
with a single photo shoot
Adjustable or Not Face angle, direction, and the height of
glasses are not adjustable
Angle and direction of the face as well as the height
of glasses can be adjusted immediately.
Filming Technology Need to take several photos (twice minimum,
for size measurements, fitting, etc.)
Generating virtual fitting videos close to reality
through 3D augmented reality (AR)
Virtual Fitting Process Complicated photography process, slow loading Faster, more natural-looking, and easier virtual fitting
3D Face Shaping Technology Less precise 3D facial shaping technology and results Precise virtual fitting is made possible by reconstructing
the information value extracted from 2D into 3D
3D Rendering Virtual Fitting Assetization High cost, high capacity Low cost, low capacity via unique technology
Face Shape Analysis Unable to analyze face shape due to lack
of technology realization
Face shape analysis and training are possible
through technology development