Development of Investment Algorithm based on AI Technology

Exponential is creating stable investment performances by scientifically analyzing complex data and systematically making investments based on financial market experts with global hedge fund management experience and AI technology.

Exponential Investments

Exponential Investments started fund management in January 2018 and is currently stably managing 14 funds in three types: Equity Hedge, Quant, and IPO.* Net worth exceeded ₩100 Billion in August 2021

Artificial Intelligence Quant
House, Exponential Investements

Exponential's Quant Fund is a data-driven fund based on
ESTsoft's financial AI algorithms and platforms, and
quantitative analysis techniques.

Exponential Quant Fund
Representative Fund: Preferred Stock Income Fund, Signal Fund
Pursues stable returns by selecting long-short pairs through
quantitative analysis and executing proven investment strategies
through follow-up management
Actively implements various types of unstructured data through
collaboration with ZUMinternet