AI Clone & AI Persona

AI Human

Compared to the ai humans made with computer graphics(CG), ESTsoft creates life-like AI Humans with AI technology.

ESTsoft exclusively owns, commercializes, and services the AI Human technology that can perfectly create people with diverse virtual identities and appearances with AI.

AI Clone

AI Clone production utilizes Text To Speech(TTS) AI and Speech To Face(STF) AI. In other words, it generates voice and face images immediately when you enter the desired text, and is designed to convert the text entered to voice using Text To Speech(TTS) and generate appropriate face images through STF(Speech To Face), producing a natural appearance.

What is Text To Speech(TTS) AI?
Text To Speech(TTS) AI converts input text into voice. In order to implement this exactly as a real person says, it analyzes the speaker's verbal/non-verbal characteristics through deep learning and trains based on them.
What is Speech To Face(STF) AI?
Speech To Face(STF) AI is a voice signal face conversion technology, which implements a face that suits the voice. In order to convert a given voice file into a video, it reflects the speaker's speaking habits, intonations, speed, as well as the original face shape.

A new video of an AI Clone reading the given text is produced by synthesizing the created voice and face.

Service UsesAI Clones replicate real people and can be easily used anytime, anywhere.

  • Broadcast AI announcers, AI reporters, AI weather casters, etc.
  • Education Al Instructors, Al Tutors
  • Business Available for use in various business sites as Al Concierges and Al Receiptists

AI Persona

AI Persona is a digital human that does not exist in reality, embodied through the 'Virtual Identity' system by ESTsoft. Various AI Personas are created through stages of ①Pre Processing and ②Face Creation with Face Generation technology.

Pre Processing
Pre Processing is the stage of processing data necessary for AI training to produce new AI Personas. In order to implement the faces of new digital humans, AI training is conducted with data collected through Face Detection, Face Recognition, and Face Landmark Detection. Based on the data trained, further AI training is performed with Face Style Analysis, Face Part Segmentation, and Face 3d-Alignment algorithims for face analysis.
Face Creation
Face Creation is the stage of AI creating an AI Persona after training from ①Pre Processing. It creates an AI Persona by selecting suitable features such as voices, facial expressions, etc. Face Generation is ESTsoft's original technology, which overcame the limits of cost&capacity of CG by enabling various ai humans to be created through deep learning.
Service Uses
AI Personas are free of portrait rights to be utilized as virtual influencers, idols, models, announcers, etc.