Beyond Security, Deep Core Engine

Deep Core, an AI engine, infers and detects even new and variant malware that anti-virus softwares cannot detect. Based on the nation's best security experts and know-how, it provides the intelligence necessary to identify, classify, and respond to malware, enabling preemptive and stable responses.

Patent application: Patent registration number 10-1863615 (2018.05.28)
Apparatus for detecting variants of a malicious code based on neural network learning, method thereof and computer recordable medium storing program to perform the method)

Deep Core engine-based
malware threat response solution,
Threat Inside

Threat Inside is the most reliable and advanced malware threat response solution based on endpoint security expertise and AI Engine, Deep Core, providing the intelligence needed to identify, classify and respond to malware.

By introducing Threat Inside to major domestic institutions and companies, we are verifying its effectiveness through accurate threat detection and prompt response to malware 24/7.

  • Deep Analysis Multidimensional Analysis System

    Along with Deep Core, it is a multi-dimensional analysis system based on static/dynamic networks and reputation analysis engines, enabling accurate, in-depth analysis of malware threats.

  • Deep Core AI Engine

    It is an AI engine that trains the latest malware collected through various channels, including Korea's No. 1 anti-virus software 'ALYac', and identifies/classifies newly discovered malware.

  • Deep Insight Intelligence Report

    It is an intelligence report that provides a practical response guide for the characteristics of each type of malware, multidimensional analysis results, and specific countermeasures accordingly.

Accurate Malware Identification with
Threat Inside's AI Analysis Engine

After verification of newly discovered malware with the Threat Inside Deep Core engine
that trained the recently collected malware data, it was able to identify malware with 99.5% accuracy.

*Results of verification in the real environment with newly collected malware after training without separating the dataset into training/verification sets

Threat Inside Customer Cases

  • Korean Financial Institution Introduces Threat Inside Analysis System IMAS

    “We needed a system that collects various samples (files, URLs, etc.) related to domestic finance and verifies whether they are malicious. Since the introduction of IMAS, the <sample collection-analysis request-manager result confirmation> process has been automated, enabling faster processing.”

  • National Police Agency introduces Threat Inside Analysis System IMAS

    “For our cyber investigation, we introduced IMAS, an analysis system that determines whether files and applications are malicious. This allows us to efficiently utilize detailed analytics related to the National Police Agency's work process.”


Deep Core Platform Customization

Deep Core engine, developed for AI for Security, adds AI to information protection technology and products,
making it optimal for customized introduction. It is widely being used both inside and outside the security market.

Customized Platform based on AutoML

  • Provides a customized platform capable of automatic machine learning for non-AI professional customers
  • AutoML-based operating environments provide data collection, training, and automatic model creation, as well as easy maintenance and deployment
  • Provides an anomaly detection system that can predict future linkages by analyzing past linkage patterns with an intelligent linked prediction engine based on Deep Core

Customized Threat Information Classification Service

  • One-stop customized model-integrated management subscription service from labeling to feature extraction through customer interviews
  • Collects, analyzes, processes, labels, and builds data sets of 1 million up-to-date malware related to social issues close to people's lives
  • Unlike the past, which required manual management, it can continuously update characteristics and models to detect, maintain, and recover rapidly changing threat intelligence

Threat Inside

The Most Reliable and Advanced Malware
Threat Response Solution

Threat Inside provides the most reliable and high-level response to malware threats
based on ESTsecurity's endpoint security expertise and AI deep learning technology.
It provides multi-dimensional analysis, type identification/classification,
and effective response guides for malware solutions.

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