A.I. Consulting + Material Prediction

Introduction of A.I. will be a new breakthrough of your business.
A.I. consulting will strengthen corporate infrastructure and competitiveness
by upgrading business to a higher level which couldn’t be reached before.

You need experts who are
well informed of A.I.
technologies and issues.

Data is important in A.I. However you cannot gain great effects from A.I.
in spite of a huge amount of data if you don’t understand technologies
and issues well.

As a leading Korean software development company that has developed
various popular software programs which are used by over 10 million
people, ESTsoft has an engineer group consisting of those who are skilled
at deep learning technologies and a consultant group which is well
informed of business conditions and issues.

Based on our own technology and expertise, we will provide IT services
and various A.I. solutions optimized for the corporate environment.

8 Hours to 5 Seconds!

Application of Material Prediction to Samsung Welstory

When ordering food supplies, customers sometimes request
a quotation from distributors without knowing the item list
exactly. So it can take a long time for distributors
to figure out an exact item list and then draw up a quotation.

ESTsoft has resolved this issue for
Samsung Welstory by introducing A.I.

ESTsoft has developed Material Prediction,
a categorizing search engine that automatically recommends
the most proper item names of food supplies based on
an internal database.
As a result of removing inefficient work for item matching,
the time required can be reduced from 8 hours to 5 seconds.

‘Material Prediction’ with the quotation/delivery processes
can be applied to other industries such as heavy industries,
construction, and distribution. It can be used as a major tool
to strengthen corporate competitiveness in various industries.

Making world more effective

ESTsoft providing the best intelligent consulting solution utilizing A.I. aiplus@estsoft.com