Chatbot + TeamUP

Let chatbots handle simple and repetitive tasks.

Work Automation

Simple and repetitive tasks delay work.
You have probably experienced firsthand when important work was
delayed or postponed due to repetitive tasks.
It would be great if someone could answer or handle simple questions relating
to work for you. What if you could receive materials relating to work in real time?

RPA(Robotic Process Automation)is a digital process innovation which automates
simple and repetitive tasks so that employees can focus on strategic and
value-added work.

Chatbots, as A.I. agents, perform tasks for humans by automating work so that
employees can focus on higher level value-added work.
Upgrade your business with an RPA solution, chatbots.


Experience higher efficiency with automated work

  1. 01 Save your time at work with chatbots

    Automate your work with chatbots. By automating tasks with IT Help Bots handling CRM (Customer Relationship Management), approval, book management, and in-house Q&As, you can have more time and focus on valuable work. Furthermore, chatbots provide necessary information relating to work such as system monitoring, failure notifications, and approval notifications interlocked with the intranet. You can receive information in TeamUP anywhere and at any time and quickly respond to situations.

  2. 02 Interlock with API to receive external notifications in real time

    Interlock with the intranet and other external services to quickly receive information relating to work. By interlocking with external programs providing API such as Twitter and Facebook, you can monitor customer responses in real time and receive necessary notifications fast.

Use chatbots as below.
  • Approval Bot
  • Book Bot
  • 사내생활 QA봇


Experience a unified working environment with TeamUP.

  1. E-mails are greatly reduced. Use TeamUP to communicate more with others and reduce e-mails. Complete your work faster using a real-time messenger.
  2. Check messages anywhere and at any time. Using TeamUP, you can talk to others anywhere and at any time, even if they are out of the office or work outside. Handle your work faster without interruption.
  3. Task information is automatically collected. Share task information using group feeds and messenger. Uploaded data is stored permanently and be quickly searched for necessary information anywhere and at any time.
  4. Search for necessary information quickly. You can quickly and easily search for necessary information and employees using data and organization charts updated to the feeds.
  5. Separate your personal life from work. You can receive notifications from the company separately and increase your work speed. Data is not stored in personal devices and corporate security is strengthened.

Making world more Great Work Place

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