Finance + Asset Management

EXPONENTIAL’s organic operation based on Macro, Micro, Quant, and A.I.
creates various investment opportunities and
determines the size and timing of investments.

A.I. Fund Manager

Finance is the industrial field where A.I. can truly shine.
Renaissance Technologies, founded by James Simons, a former professor of
mathematics at Harvard University, has been making huge profits for a long time
since it applied IT to finance. In addition, BlackRock, a leading American
investment management corporation with a capital of USD 5 trillion,
was disappointed with low rates of return of some fund managers and
decided to introduce A.I.

It is difficult for even outstanding fund managers to maintain high rates of
return for several consecutive years. Investors sometimes cannot make
a right decision due to their greed and fear.

However A.I. leads investments stably. ESTsoft finds new investment opportunities
and leads them to profits with its AI-based investment engine.

Smart Investment Model

Exponential selects investment items using the recommendation algorithm developed by deep learning.

It detects changes in market conditions quickly by learning and analyzing the correlations and causal relationships between numerous investment variables through A.I. and discovers new answers humans couldn’t find.

  • Prediction PowerAnalyze complicated relationships between numerous variables
  • ScalabilityEasy to add variables and expand investment targets
  • FlexibilityFlexibly respond to market changes based on deep learning

Now We Start!

Hedge Fund

Harmony between AI and quantitative analysis-based investment strategies and fundamental research-based investment strategies


Stable profits through effective market risk management A.I. FUND (scheduled)

A.I. FUND(scheduled)

Sector distribution and stock investment using a market prediction model


Algorithm distribution and portfolio management using the Exponential Multi-algorithm Platform

Making world more richer

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