PICNIC is The Weather Genie Photo Editor.
It makes the weather always clear.

Cloudy weather that ruined your day

Have you ever been upset because of bad weather?

You have probably experienced
a situation ,
where your picnic or trip
and photos were ruined,
because of cloudy weather.

You always want to take the best photos of your life.
If your photos are ruined due to cloudy weather,
you may feel like you have lost precious memories as well.

Do not worry about the weather anymore!

a sky recognition camera application
that recognizes the sky in a photo and applies a variety of effects to it.
It changes cloudy weather
to ideal weather,
just as you wish.

Make your photos and memories even more beautiful
by applying a variety of effects to the sky in photos.

Travel Necessity PICNIC

Do not forget PICNIC for your perfect trip.

Do you want to take beautiful pictures? Are you worried about the weather during your trip? Using PICNIC, you can take the best photos of your life under any weather conditions. You can change the shapes of clouds and even the colors of the sky using the “Sky Filter”, or change the tone of a photo using the “Color Filter”. Make your memories and photos even more beautiful with PICNIC. Original Copy / Sky Filter - Picnic in May / Sky Filter – Alice in Love / Color Filter – Tropical Aloha

Making world more Beautiful

PICNIC providing the best intelligent camera application utilizing A.I. More Info