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glasses. Have you ever found the pair of glasses you really wanted? It’s not easy to find a pair of good glasses.

It's difficult to find the perfect brand among so many different types of glasses. Even if you know the perfect pair, they may not be available nearby. You may find a similar pair, but you can’t be sure it's the one you've been looking for.

Even though you find the perfect pair of glasses at an online store, you definitely want to try them before buying. If you really want to find the perfect pair, you have to visit several glasses stores in person. Isn’t there any easier way?

Try before buying.

We are preparing shopping services that include realistic virtual fitting using A.I. visual recognition technology. Now you can try on hundreds of thousands of different glasses and buy your favorites right away.


A.i. finds the best products
for you!

Don't worry about what to buy.

ROUNZ.COM predicts and recommends trendy glasses and sunglasses
by analyzing virtual fitting photos and text information. Its A.I.
recommendation algorithm analyzes the features of your face and
automatically recommends the best products for you.

Offline Store

If you're still not sure visit our offline store!

ROUNZ.COM runs an offline store as well. At the offline store, customers can try on glasses, use after-sales services, consult with opticians, and purchase glasses on site.

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