Security + Threat Inside

Threat Inside brings the effect of employing
a highly-skilled threat analyst in cybersecurity.

24-hour Security Team

Hackers continuously attack and threaten companies to
steal the company’s data and asset. However, current
cybersecurity solutions are not effective enough to prevent
every attack and threat.

Hackers use a variety of ways to infiltrate a company’s
network and steal data within minutes. However, it takes
more than a couple of days for security manager to identify
the attacks and information leakage and take proper actions.

Powerful CTI Service

Threat Inside will bring a work and life balance to security managers.

With Threat Inside, security manager can analyze suspicious files or information 24 hours a day and determine the type of malware and whether it is malicious. Threat Inside provides ESTsecurity’s cyber threat intelligence and expertise and helps security manager make the right decisions quickly.


The speed is the most important in cybersecurity. Once security manager finds malware, they are supposed to report it to the technical sales team of the security company, then the team had to ask the analysis team to analyze the sample. After the analysis was complete, the results were delivered in a reverse order. This workflow even took a couple of days. However Threat Inside can analyze information anytime, 24 hours a day, and provide results in real time.
Although about 330,000 types of malware are newly created every day, less than 300 kinds of malware per day are added in the database of antivirus solutions. Threat Inside greatly enhanced the detection rate of malware variants which had not been detected with the existing signature-based solutions. In addition, it can classify the malware type with a high degree of accuracy. Highly relevant and effective threat intelligence analyzed by Threat Inside is reported and provided in the form of DEEP INSIGHT, the intelligence report written by cybersecurity experts.
The practical countermeasures against cyber threats verified by security experts of ESTsecurity help a company make decisions swiftly and resolve security issues, and enable even the uninitiated to take proper actions in time.


  • 24 hours X 365 days
    real-time search service
  • AI-based detection and automatic classification of new types of malware and malware variants
  • Provides malware association information and response advisory
  • Multi-layered analysis results through dynamic/static analyses

Service Scenario

  • 서비스 시나리오 step1

    01 Threat Inside provides real-time threat intelligence. Users can search for threat information or request file/URL malware analysis.

  • 서비스 시나리오 step2

    02 Deep Insight provides both human intelligence and threat intelligence report containing threat analysis results, which helps users get useful insights for a practical and prompt response.

  • 서비스 시나리오 step3

    03 Deep Core(deep-learning based A.I. engine) classifies malwares as known threat and provides related information through similarity analysis.

  • 서비스 시나리오 step4

    04 In-depth Report provides refined intelligence report by cybersecurity experts including the features and history of the classified tags and in-depth report.

  • 서비스 시나리오 step5

    05 Deep Analysis visualizes the analysis results for users’ at-a-glance understanding of the results.

  • 서비스 시나리오 step6

    06 Threat Inside analyzes script vulnerabilities from the sites and reports the entire processes of a malware circulation.

Making world more secure

ESTsecurity provides revolutionary threat intelligence solutions based on A.I. Threat Inside@estsecurity.com