A.I. Plus Language analyzes text data accumulated through A.I. and automatically recognizes its meaning.

A.I.+Language Target Area 적용예시
Similarity Detection/Anomaly Detection/Meterial Prediction기술 - Samsung Welstory Meterial Prediction
Conversational Agent기술 - TeamUP Chatbots

A.I. PLUS|Language 01

Sequence Embedding

Unlike traditional natural language processing technology such as morpheme analysis, this technology can extract significant linguistic qualifications from the domain by learning the patterns of Hangul letter sequences from collected data even without a pre-established dictionary or rules.

A.I. PLUS|Language 02

Word Embedding

This technology separates words and morphemes and expresses them as vectors showing the grammar and semantic relationships of words. It enables very accurate vector embedding based on natural language processing technology and a huge amount of text data obtained from Zum Internet's search engine.

A.I. PLUS|Language 03

Free-form Sentence Embedding

Text data which is entered by general users on the Internet or in text messages contains a lot of informal, ungrammatical words and typing errors. This technology can calculate similarity by expressing free-form sentences as vectors in semantic space suitable for each domain.

A.I. PLUS|Language 04

One-shot Learning

Although deep learning originally requires a large number of learning samples for each category, this technology, with only one sample, can calculate the possibility that data belongs to the same category as the single sample, in cases where the system does not have enough learning data.

A.I. PLUS|Language 05

Semantic Analysis

This technology analyzes the meanings of customer requests or text to categorize their intentions or identify significant subjects.

A.I. PLUS|Language 06

Sentence Generation

This technology takes information to be conveyed and from it generates sentences that can be used in real human conversation.

A.I. PLUS|Language 07

Question Answering

This technology is developing an AI-based Q&A and conversation system in which A.I. can understand and reply to inquiries or requests from humans.

A.I. PLUS|Language 08

Similarity Detection

This technology can find text similar to given text based on its classification technique. It can calculate similarity stochastically on the basis of learned features about the domain.

A.I. PLUS|Language 09

Anomaly Detection

This technology can stochastically find sentences which are outside of the general patterns learned from the domain or are not suitable for the context.

A.I. PLUS|Language 10

Material Prediction

When a customer requests a quotation for materials using atypical natural language, this technology automatically recommends the most proper items in the materials DB based on order history.

A.I. PLUS|Language 11

Conversational Agent

This technology manages in-house communication effectively by interlocking with TeamUP, which is an enterprise social messenger developed by ESTsoft, and implements a conversation chatbot agent that improves the work process.