With Threat Inside, the detection rate of malware variants that Signiture-based solutions failed to detect is greatly enhanced. Deep Learning algorythm realizes malware identification and classification with high degree of accuracy.

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Malware Analysis/Malware Classification/Malware Detection/Instruction Detection기술 - Threat Inside

A.I. PLUS|Security 01

Binary File Embedding

This technology studies patterns from the whole binary file with CNN-based deep learning and expresses them in similar vectors. Regardless of which part of a file includes malware, it can determine whether it is malicious.

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Instruction Sequence Embedding

This technology finds and studies meaningful sequence patterns similarly appearing in various types of malware from command sequences and binary sequences existing in binary files. Based on this function, it can detect the type and location of malicious behavior.

A.I. PLUS|Security 03

Call Graph Embedding

This technology expresses functions with practically similar graphs in similar vectors based on function call relations. It can detect similarity with the original functions even though function symbols may be obfuscated or a partial function is separated.

A.I. PLUS|Security 04

Malware Clustering

Using a variety of vector embeddings, this technology clusters similar types of malware based on various standards. Furthermore, it gives new detection names based on more consistent standards than the preexisting categorization system operated by humans.

A.I. PLUS|Security 05

One-shot Learning

Although deep learning originally requires a large number of learning samples for each category, this technology can easily add malware to the deep learning model and respond to it quickly, even for newly found malware that lacks samples.

A.I. PLUS|Security 06

Behavior Classification

Based on data obtained from the results of dynamic process execution, this technology classifies process behaviors.

A.I. PLUS|Security 07

Anomaly Detection

This technology studies probability distributions observing data or behaviors and detects events which rarely occur in the probability distribution.

A.I. PLUS|Security 08

Malware Analysis

This technology compares the similarity of suspicious files to other types of malware based on various standards, analyzes their expected behavior, and provides a report.