We predict trends using A.I. We don't just simply predict numbers, but help you respond to changing trends immediately by analyzing correlations between the psychology of the public and the data.

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Price Optimization/Asset Management기술 - Fund Manager Hedge Fund

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Multivariate Time Series Analysis

Based on the RNN model, it analyzes developments in multivariate time series among a huge amount of data from the past to the present. In addition, it classifies their characteristics or predicts the scope of future changes.

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Financial Market Prediction

With Itrix, it analyzes the correlations between various variables affecting the domestic stock market and predicts stock prices.

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Trading Strategy

Based on the future prediction of the deep learning model and its fast decision making for the present, this technology recommends stock trading strategies that can be used to hedge against risks.

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Climate Prediction

Using the Korea Meteorological Administration’s weather data, this technology provides processed prediction data based on deep learning. It forecasts crop yield, energy consumption, and weather disasters based on weather prediction data and utilizes such information to predict financial market changes and manage corporate risks.

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Price Optimization

This technology recommends an optimal price band based on a variety of data on suppliers and consumers and fluctuations in prices.

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Asset Management

This technology adjusts the investment proportion of each asset and optimizes portfolios through intensive learning by studying a variety of variables such as macro variables, economic indicators, valuations, and money flows.